Is this a video?
No. It's a series of still photos taken at predetermined angles. It takes 12 photos to make a complete 360° panorama. Tours are usually made up of a mix of panoramas, partial pans and still pictures.

How long does it take?
The time needed to photograph a tour depends on the size of the home. Most tours will take about two hours to photograph. Then it will take about two days to get the tour up and running on the MLS and

How does it get online?
The tour is stored on the Real Tour Vision website. We'll send you an email with all the URLs that can be used to attach the tour to the MLS and your own website. We will connect it to for you if you have a Showcase presence with them or want to pay their fee. We can also attach it to your websites if you would like.

How many panoramas will I need?
Most homes will need five or less.

Can I put my picture and information on the tour?
Yes. This information will show up on; but not on the MLS where it is not allowed. You can also have a logo and a link to another business, such as a title or mortgage company, that might consider helping you pay for the tour.

What else is connected to the tour?
When a person is looking at the tour on line they can also get school and city information and a connection to Mapquest. It is also possible to attach an on-line flyer and floor plans. You can also send it to social networking websites.

Do the tours have sound?
Yes. We have many pre-recorded music clips that can be added to the tour free. You can also add voice-over or special music for an additional fee.

Can I have copies of the tour on CDs?
If requested.

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